Smartphone Competition

Topics: Smartphone, Mobile phone, Video game industry Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Sizable market:
Nowadays, more and more people tend to spend more time on telephone, from exhibit 1 we can see that each person almost spend 14 minutes on smart phones for playing games (Shane Richmond, 2012). What is more, 33% of people are playing games via smart phone and 25% people are playing games via handled devices (esa, 2012). These data indicates that more people prefer to play games on smart phones than other devices, and people are willing to spend more time on smart phones to play games. Especially, from the survey we can know that all respondents they hold smart phones, which means this market is extremely sizable based on the large users. What is more, Phantom Company is small company, which means that they do not have enough funds to create games on diverse devices, and they do not have sufficient resources and experts to create games on diverse devices. Therefore, smartphones can be the proper platform for Phantom Company to create games. Opportunistic market:

Furthermore, if the company can focus on creating games on smart phones in Canada, the market size will be attractive. That’s because there are 10.5 million smart phone users in Canada, the number of users may increase to 16.4 million by 2016 (Innovation Report 2012 Trend Watch, 2012), and 60% of smart phone adults users prefer using cell phones to play games, which means that all of these user can be the potential target customers for Phantom Company. Especially, all of them are adults, they have purchasing power for the game apps, if the company can attract these people, and they can have lucrative market in the smart phone game industry. Profitable market:

Based on the survey we can see that most respondents are willing to pay more money on quality games, especially most of them has purchasing power, therefore, as long as the games are attractive for these people, this smart phone market can be profitable. Competition:

The smart phone game market is good news for customers, because...
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