Smartphone Addiction

Topics: BlackBerry, Mobile phone, Addiction Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Joshua Ackerman
Jennifer Kyger
26 October, 2011
“Addicted to Your Smartphone? Here’s What to Do.” by Susan Davis In the article, “Addicted to Your Smartphone? Here’s What to Do.”, Susan Davis claims at first that she did not like her BlackBerry Smartphone until she realized that she could now check email from anywhere. She worried a lot about missing important messages when she was away from her computer. Without even noticing, she began to get urges to check her Smartphone when pulled up to a stoplight. She even claims that she has been a long time critic of texting while driving; realizing she was very near on the verge of doing just that herself. She went so far as to even now know why her BlackBerry was nicknamed a “CrackBerry.” She gives reasons as to why they are addictive, such as the freedom to do activities you once did in front of a computer, now in the palm of your hand at any location. Claiming to now realize she had a BlackBerry compulsion, she is now making a conscious effort to not check her phone while doing activities that could be dangerous if done while trying to handle a Smartphone. She says that one should be conscious, strong, and disciplined about your phone to avoid becoming addicted. She also goes on to finally say that it is in the end, up to the user to be able to realize there addiction and to use a little willpower to stop a habit from becoming a major social misbehavior.

I do have to admit that many of Susan’s claims to how her Smartphone addiction came to be, mirror my own greatly. I also did not see the real charm in a Smartphone until I began to mimic the very same actions Susan did. Checking emails, Facebook, Twitter, and even watching a few videos on YouTube. Susan does refer to a David Greenfield, PhD, a West Hartford Connecticut psychologist that claims the devices themselves are to blaim for said addiction. She neglegts to herself say if she feels that the electronics company is to fault for...
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