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Smartphone Gain » Brings Some Pain
By Joseph Palenchar New York - Smartphone sales have soared to new heights this year and might have gone higher if not for component shortages that, according to one analyst, could keep supplies of select models limited through early 2011. Carriers have launched more new smartphones to date this year than last year, mainly Android-based models, and more new models are still in the works for later this year. “There have been more [introductions] than usual, with Motorola and HTC releasing some ‘hero’ devices, as well as some vendors getting more serious in this space, LG and Samsung, or other vendors just getting started, Kyocera and Dell,” said Ramon Llamas, IDC senior research analyst.

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Chris Hall, senior director of product management at AT&T, and Carlo Chiarello, GSM/ UMTS business unit VP at RIM, discuss the companies’ collaboration to bring the new BlackBerry Torch smartphone to market. Go to to watch this video.

“Add on top the usual releases from market leaders Apple and RIM, and it’s quickly becoming a bigger market,” he noted. (continued on page 34)

Analysts: Q2 TV Sales Performances Vary
By Greg Tarr New York - Second-quarter demand for flat-panel TV shipments slowed for some smaller-screen TV segments but showed signs of growth in key 40-inch and larger sizes, according to reports from Quixel Research,...

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