Topics: Mobile phone, Crime, IPhone Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: July 1, 2012
The latent risk of using smartphone

Audience: people who are using smartphone without deeply knowing the risk of it. Thesis statement: Even though smartphone is popular all over the world. However, it provides not only the convenient but also the risk to our life

In this century, as a technology and scientific advance era, we change the way we communicate, we change the way to run our errands, and we change our way to get involved in social life. We make things going faster and we do things more efficiently. In general, technology brings us to a digital world. However, technology also brings us a huge problem of crime and misconduct.

Recently, a heat topic is being talked all over the world which is I-phone. Almost all my friends are holding a I-phone and they are addicted to the fantastic function of I-phone. They seems they knew the phone pretty much but indeed, they don’t. There is no doubt that they are all good at using the function of I- phone but they are terrible of preventing the risk from those kinds of phone. In fact, smartphone like I- phone is decreasing the security of society. There are so many crimes related to smartphone, such as hidden cam and cyber crimes. Moreover, smartphone also let people have an easy way to get their works done which make them lack of thinking and ability. In order to make it clearly and help the people understand fully about smartphone, which is mobile cellular devices with extra functionality for convenience in all facets of life, provides not only the convenient but also the risk to our life

“This is a fully fledged computer that’s sitting in your pocket,” Sky news quoted Henry Harrison, from UK cyber security experts Detica, as saying. Smartphone is popular all over the world in this century, almost forty per cent of mobiles sold this year have been smartphones. Smartphone such as I-phone. HTC and Samsung Galaxy, give people a chance to exploit the function of smartphone in crime. For example, Smartphone...
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