Topics: Education, Teacher, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Smart Class is software used to improve the current pedagogy of teaching. The current teaching methodology has certain drawbacks. This project is an effort to remove these and enhance the existing system.  This software can be implemented by any institution to automate the current manual and tedious tasks involved in teaching. It can be used by the management, teacher, students and other staff members of the institution with equal ease and efficacy.  The software aims at making the teaching procedure more interactive and interesting. The management can use the software to automate some manual and tedious task like enrol new students, notify staff and students, maintain the attendance record etc. Teachers can monitorthe entire class by means of their own desktop within a single click. They can provide assignments, information etc. electronically. The students can also interact with their teachers and get a better insight of the subjects. They will be required to give online tests and assignments based on which their progress report will be created automatically. Their progress report will then be mailed to their guardians. An e-library will be provided which incorporates all the essential study materials. Introduction

Smart Class provides a teaching and learning solution that includes rich media digital learning materials to help students and teachers. The learning material repository consists of thousands of highly animated, lesson specific, 3D and 2D multimedia modules.  Smart Class is also used to automate some time consuming and tedious tasks like Attendance, Class Test, Test Evaluation, Assignments etc. It also generates a monthly report based on Student’s performance, Attendance record, Test report etc. and send it to the Guardians. Smart Class used a special class layout to provide better environment for learning. In this environment we use computers, projector, and speakers etc. to make teaching and learning procedure easy and efficient.  Smart...
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