Smartcards in Healthcare

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Healthcard Technology.
Background of Medical Record Keeping
Record keeping is an inevitable part in medicine. Relevant information must be always in quick availability le to allow rapid, effective decisions and reduce unnecessary repeat procedures. For a long time paper was the natural medium to record medical history, since it is simple to use, cheap, and reasonably durable. Information may be quickly added and easily shared amongst health professionals caring for a patient. However, the decentralized nature of the healthcare system leads to some problems; patients frequently visit different offices for dental work, cardiology, and primary care, causing the necessary flow of medical information. Patient records are fragmented and incomplete that pose an obstacle to patient care. So, administrative costs are a serious burden, and changes that can reduce these costs are desirable. An electronic medical records system is created to solve the problems of traditional paper records. What Is On The Smart Card?

* Demographic information
* Employer information
* Emergency contacts
* Medicines/Prescription information
* Allergies
* Medical History
* Primary & Referring physician information
* Insurers/Payors
* Guarantor information
* Advanced Directives
* Special requests/ pastoral care requests
* Organ donor information
* Caregiver notes
* Audit trail information tracking all changes
* Custom fields

What Are The Components Of The Health Card System?
* SMART CARDS itself that securely hold patient information. * CARD READERS that are compatible with any PC
* CLIENT SOFTWARE upgrades the web browser on the PC so it works with smart cards and card readers. * SERVERS WITH HARDWARE SECURITY that host and protect private information. * ADMINISTRATOR PORTAL WEBSITE is a web application allowing administrators issue and manage cards. * PATIENT PORTAL WEBSITE is a web application where patients can view and update their information. * CAREGIVER PORTAL WEBSITE is a web application that lets caregivers work with information on the smart cards. * PDA & LAPTOP SOFTWARE allowing working with cards through mobile gadgets and off-line environments. * VISUAL BASIC & .NET TOOLS for customizing and extending the system. * HL7 MESSAGING SERVER For integrating with other systems. As we can see, Health Card System needs a lot of soft and hardware applications, so penetrating it in the Hospital system needs large expenses. So is it really worth admitting? Let’s regard the value Helthcard technology can provide

1) Providing access to accurate information on a timely basis; 2) Acting as a portable data repository;
3) Speeding manual processes such as hospital admissions; 4) Managing the information flow within the system-at-large; 5) Reducing fraud; streamlining administrative procedures, 6) Decreasing expenses from patient verification to insurance confirmation; 7) Facilitation of electronic claims submissions;

8) Acting as a payment source (stored value, HSA payments); and 9) Linking disparate data sources in a secure fashion (RHINOs). 1) One of the crucial aspects to the delivery of healthcare is gaining accurate baseline patient data. It simply is incomplete and unavailable to the patient. What’s more, the patient cannot be relied upon to be 100% accurate or 100% truthful. Therefore, any provider starts behind the knowledge curve with regards to having accurate patient information. It has been estimated that up to 20% of healthcare tests are can be avoided but since prior results are unavailable they have to be repeated. Smart cards containing all this data, can alleviate this $300 billion problem. 2) The most robust Smart card can hold 64 kilobytes of information. That is equivalent to sixty pages of text information including images such as x-rays, CT scans, or PET scans, that is more than...
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