Smart Phones

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Smart phones

Name: Ahmed Talib AL-Dhamri
Teacher: Andy Green
Group: 40

Smart phones

Nowadays if you want to know anything that happens around the world you can know it by swiping your finger in a small touch screen and you can deal with your business using smart phones, this essay will show you how smart phones can be used instead of computers by discussing some specifications in the smartphones such as : the exteriors, the applications and the programs because of the development in all the sectors around us, the people must be as the same level of development when they deal with any social sector or economical ones around us, also we have to exploit every minute when we own a business, so it is not that easy to make many things in the same time in the same place. So you need something smarter than the normal computers and with new features. For example something I can carry with me anywhere but not too heavy, something that will let me continue my work when am moving from my work to my home. From that point of view some companies try to build something professional and can fix all these problems. Since twenty years ago one famous phone company registered a patent in making something unique called smart phones. This creative product in simple words combines mobile phones and computer properties. After the huge success of the first company which made the smart phone many other companies have tried to compete with this company to start their own new smart phones. First, there are some exteriors in smart phones that makes them different from any other technological products. There are so many shapes for the smart phones, most of them light, small and easy to carry. Also the high speed in opening the applications is one other nice feature and this high speed is usually provided by Wi-Fi and mobile broadband....
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