Smart Phone the Indispensable Accessories

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Smartphone our Indispensable Accessory

Phones used to be a noble luxury, merely affordable by the upper class who could never imagine that, after decades of development and technology breakthrough, phones have become one of the most important daily necessities we must live on. The new generation of smart phone, however, is spreading threats on our social, physical and environmental health, meaning such popularization may eventually end up in a disaster.

Instant messaging (IM) , which aims at enhancing the effectiveness of communication, is contrarily killing face-to face communication. Recent survey has revealed that more than 30% of teenagers spend 12-15 hours on IM via phones every week. The alarming statistic implies that IM may serve as a distraction against the surroundings or the tasks to perform. Getting addicted to IM will get oneself immersed in the virtual world, losing interest on his real-life social interaction and likely to become more introversive. Promptly, a deterioated face-to-face sociability and communication skills break down his confidence and drive him further away from the social intercourse, resulting in a vicious circle.

It is not uncommon to find most pedestrians on the street talking on the phone; to be specific, the average phone usage of Hongkongers is 1.2 hours per day, while The World Health Oragnization announced in 2010 that half an hour of mobile phone use per day over ten years increases the risk of brain tumour since human brains are exposed to radiation emitted from the phone when answering calls. It may seem less tragical as applications like Whatapp tend to discourage phone talks; meanwhile, sadly, heavy touch screen usage contributes to Arthristis, which causes pain on finger joints. Though health issues of using smartphone has been highly controversial, it is harder to prove it safe than to prove it harmful. Smartphones will always remain potentially dangerous.

Smartphones are on the other hand bringing...
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