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The smartphone market is booming. In 2010, the smartphone shipments jumped 78% in the third quarter from a year ago to 77 million units. The nokia share of the market fell to 34% from 38% a year earlier. The company’s support for its Symbian operating system even as rival manufactures switch to other operating system such as Google’s Android and Microsoft ‘s windows phone7.

Chief excutive Olli-pekka pallasvuo
Who sees it as nokia’s biggest opportunity to add customers. Nokia is the largest maker of cellphones, with a 40% market share globally, but it has only about a 10% share in the U.S., the world’s largest wireless market.

Nokia has struggled to compete at the high end of the market with the iphone and the growing number of devices basec on Google’s Android. Nokia is trying to recover the early lead it had in the U.S. Leading the U.S. drive is nokia’s new North American head, Mark Louison, who was promoted about a year ago. Nokia has moved teams of sales staff to buildings next to each the major U.S. carriers that sell its phones.

The phone are dated and don’t have a lot of the features and benefits. The customers now expect thanks to the growing ubiquity of iphones and Android devices. The company has been largely unsuccessful in its efforts to attract app develops. Motorola:

Motorola, however, has suffered a fast decline during the past year or so as it failed to follow up on the success of its hit Razr phone. It is now under pressure with its handset division rapidly losing market share. After a push from activist investor Carl Icahn, the Illinois company said Wednesday that it would separate its handset business and its broadband and mobility solutions unit. This might lead to an eventual sale of the handset business, analysts said.

Focused on long-term sustainable growth
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