Smart Phone

Topics: IPhone, IPod Touch, App Store Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Security implications of the smart phone:
Smartphones are Micro-size computers and are just as vulnerable to viruses and other attacks as laptop or desktop. There are other security concerns that are unique to smartphones. 1. The most obvious threat to the security of our smartphones is falling into the wrong hands. For Smart phones we must use a secure password. A good password alone is not enough to protect, there is a line of software that will help us to recover it, or wipe the data if we are unable to do so. The first step is a piece of software that will lock phone down. This software will turn off the phone's screen and disable it, preventing an attacker from being able to easily access the phone. 2. The free Wi-Fi available at many coffee shops and other locations is often unencrypted, and should not be used to transmit sensitive data. For sending banking or personal data, use the cellular network rather than Wi-Fi for the data connection. 3. By downloading strange email attachments or clicking links in spam mail, they can transmit viruses. 4. Some users jailbreak their iPhone so that they can switch wireless carriers or download software not available on Apple's official App Store. Apple tightly controls the software that's available on the App Store, and blocks apps that pose a security risk. Jail breaking the phone, however, opens a major avenue of attack for malicious software. Third-party malware apps disguised as innocent games and tools can easily steal personal and financial information. Malware isn't only a danger to jail broken iPhones. Other phones, like the Blackberry and Android phones, have a much wider array of apps available and don't have the central quality control of the Apple App Store. Should only download apps from sources we trust. Phones running the Android operating system are at particular risk. The open source nature of the platform means that there are a lot of amateurs writing Android apps, and poorly written software can...
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