Smart Objective

Topics: Time, Management, Quantity Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: September 29, 2012
SMART Objective
Gu langyu is located in the southwest to the Xiamen Island .Famous for it's Beautiful scenery.In 2011,this scenic spots received 20000 visitors per day.During the long vacation,the number of tourists as high as 100000.A large number of tourists, which caused serious environmental pressure, produced a lot of rubbish everyday, destroyed historical relics ,damaged the local people living environment .These problems must be settled as soon as possible.

Specific:Comply with the scenic spot bearing capacity ,control the number of visitors from 8000 to 15000.

Measurable:By checking the ticket pre-sale system everyday, the manager can clearly know how many people enter the scenic area.

Attainable:A special orgnization to control the ticket pre-sale system,and unite the ticket service agent point and travel agency.Through this method, scenic spot can regulate the number of visitor timely and accurately

Relevant:Firstly,Controlling the number of visitors, is not only to control quantity, but also to coordinate the service facilities of scenic spot.for example,the restaurants、hotels、transportation.The managers should be well integrated, make sure the service facilities can meet the needs of tourists, but they should control the number of service company .Otherwise,it will cause wasting of resources and incur the vicious competition.

Time:Service facilities reconstruction and integration needs a period of time,besides, travel agency also need a period of time to change the original tourist routes.So,policy may not implement immediately.Therefore,This policy will implement on after half an year.
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