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  • Published: August 27, 2013
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August 23, 2013
Dear Brush,
I am writing this report regarding your requested information about thermo-chromic material and how can be benefits to our company. Before I give description about above material I would like to thank you for giving me opportunity and give me enough time and source to search information about this new material. Thermochromism is the reversible change in the color of a compound when it is heated or cooled. Systematically investigated thermochromism was in 1971 at first time. The following 4 materials are used as thermochromism (1)Organic Compound (2) Inorganic Compound (3) Polymer (4) Sol-Gel 1. Organic compound thermochromism

Organic compound thermochromism occurred due to equilibrium between two molecular species, acid-base, keto-enol, lactim-lactam, or between stereoisomer or between crystal structures. This type of thermochromism has various applications for fiber optical science, photo storage instrument, optical sensor, and so on. We can divide three parts on the basis of materials (1) Variation in Crystal Structure (liquid crystal) (2) Stereoisomer (3) Molecular Rearrangement

Advantages of organic compound thermochromism are that color change takes place sharply and that there are many factors to control temperature easily. 2. Inorganic compound thermochromism
Many metals and inorganic compounds are known to exhibit thermochromic behavior either as solids or in solution. It has been suggested that such thermochromic behavior arises from one of the following mechanisms (1) phase transition (2) change in ligand geometry (3) equilibrium between different molecular structure (4) change in the number of solvent molecules in the coordination sphere Inorganic thermochromic systems have not enjoyed widespread textile application as the observed change in color often in solution or at high temperature. The majority of textile end-uses demand a reversible, solid (or encapsulated) system that is suitable for application by...
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