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  • Published : November 29, 2012
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Will you ever find a star quarterback on the high school debate team, Chess Club, or any other academic team that would place him as a nerd? According to Grant Penrod and his essay Anti-Intellectualism: Why We Hate Smart Kids this would probably not happen (Bullock,691).You can be a jock, but you can’t be a “nerd” at the same time. The winning football team always goes down in history, but the winning academic teams are never remembered. Thinking back to high school you can see billboards of the football team winning state, but not for the state brain-bowl winners. Social destruction is possible for those who show too much intelligence.

“Geek,” “Nerd,” or “High Achiever” no matter the name given; they are doomed for destruction in the social world. The intellectual student bears a mark on him/her for social pitfall especially in high school. Sometimes this may happen in the early elementary years. They are usually targeted on websites and blogs; left out of social events. Take the blog excerpt from “Man how I hate nerds….if I ever had a tommygun with me…I would most probably blow each one of their heads off.” (Bullock,691) There are other websites that talk about test score postings, and don’t these people referencing nerds and geeks have a life. This miss conception is partly due to the un-intelligent thinking that all smart people do is study. Failing to realize that the intelligent people are the ones that help move the world along; this miss conception it actually leaves the un-intelligent out.

The media places celebrities and other public figures without a strong education in the limelight, which is harmful to our youth’s minds. This type of high regards for someone lacking good education, further promotes the way society treats those that are educated. If you take a young high school student who has some athletic ability chances of him/her pursuing the highest academic achievements are less than them going after that athletic win. A...
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