Smart Goal

Topics: Management, Want, Need Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Karina Mendoza
Mrs. Deutch
Avid; Period 3
24 January 2013
SMART Goal Reflection
My SMART goals were to have my binder organized, always, and to take more effective, organized and neater notes. Every day, when I got home after school, I would organize the loose papers I would shove into my backpack at school when I was in a hurry. For my notes, I would write down the main points, and do more research on the topic, and take notes on that. And if I had to take notes from a textbook, I would take my notes on my laptop. I chose these two goals because I knew that I was having trouble in my classes because of my dreadful organization. I lost so many of my assignments and other important papers because I would have mostly all of my papers shoved in my backpack, instead of being neatly organized in my binder. I also chose to take more effective, organized and neater notes because my notes were nowhere near organized, I just wrote a couple of things on them and when I rushed to write things, my handwriting was a disaster, and I couldn’t even read it, it all added up, and it was hard for me to study, or even review them.

Every day, right when I got home from school, I would organize all my papers and put them in their corresponding section in my binder. For my notes, I would jot down the most important points on my notes, and a few other things. When I got home, I would do a little more research on the points and topics, or review a teacher’s power point and calmly take notes at home, without a rush. My notes ended up neater, and a lot more organized. At first, had a lot of struggle getting my goal done, because I had no clue where to start with my messy backpack, and I couldn’t find the time to organize my notes, but during the first weekend I told my Mom to help me with my goal, and she started taking my phone away, until I showed her my work. From that day on, she started taking away my phone, and if I didn’t finish what I needed to do in a day, she wouldn’t...
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