Smart Energy Meter

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A smart meter is usually an electrical meter that records consumption of electric energy in intervals of an hour or less and communicates that information at least daily back to the utility for monitoring and billing purposes. Smart meters enable two-way communication between the meter and the central system. Unlike home energy monitors, smart meters can gather data for remote reporting. Smart Meters" usually involve real-time or near real-time sensors, power outage notification, and power quality monitoring. Project Scope, Objective and Tasks.

Project Scope
The project scope is to design a single phase energy meter which has the function of reading and measuring of energy consumption. The design has to be low cost, within 1500 LE, and energy efficient. The time factor is a disciplinary act to ensure the project is completed within the target timeframe. Project Objectives:

Implementing hardware and software to design and build a smart meter based microcontroller project that capable to achieve the following below feature guidelines: 1. Measure voltage, current, power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, consumed energy. 2. Reed remotely

3. Controlled remotely.
4. Record several tariff periods, more than just a day and a night tariff. 5. Register electricity being returned to the grid.
6. Store accurate consumption patterns.
7. Provide information about the quality of the energy supply. 8. Restrict or cut off the user’s consumption upon command. Project Tasks:
Below is the list of tasks which is for developing the smart meter project: 1. Initial meet up with supervisor.
2. Outsource, Books and websites extraction, of related information (smart grid) and relevant data (smart meter). Study & learn with full understanding, with brief report, as an introduction, review and background, for the project. 3. Study of different smart meter models and circuits.

4. Submit Project Proposal presentation.
5. Reviewing available schematic capture and pcb layout design software. 6. Familiarization and practicing with the most suitable selected software. 7. Current transducer sensing input circuit.

8. Voltage transducer sensing input circuit.
9. Analysis of different market available microcontrollers and other electronic components. 10. Relay Driver control unit.
11. Display unit.
12. Regulated 5V power supply.
13. Reviewing serial communication and its applicable components. 14. Schematic diagram design.
15. Design, test and debug of C++ program code, for each function or feature of the project. 16. Complete system simulation
17. Components selection and procurement.
18. PCB layout design
19. Fabricate the designed PCB layout.
20. Assemble the arranged components either with manual soldering or surface mounting technique. 21. Check the functionality of the final design.
22. Meter calibration.
23. Load test result
24. Verification of the result
25. Submit a draft of final report.
26. Discussion with supervisor on report.
27. Report submission.
28. Submit final project presentation.
29. Poster and Power point presentation.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BE project.pdf
The Flowcharts:
The flowcharts show us how the data should flow in a logical manner so as to achieve the desired result. We can thus develop the program more easily with the reference of its flowchart. Here we present the different flowcharts required for the functioning. The main Program:

To find the Pavg:

.1.9.3. To find the Vrms

.1.9.4 To find Irms:

1.9.5 To find out the VA rating: To find the Power Factor : To find reactive power: To Find The Frequency

.1.9.9 The Display Subroutine: Keyboard...
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