Smart Car-- Environmental Conservation

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  • Published : November 3, 2008
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The Smart car is definitely one of the best inventions of the century. It is probably one of the best businesses in the world that generates high profits while materializes environmental conservation visions. The Smart car is an incredibly tiny car that is made of plastic body panels and a reinforced steel shell, which means less energy and heavy-industrial raw materials required in the process of manufacturing them. The best feature of this car is its excellent gas mileage. In other words, the Smart car is fuel efficient, which not only helps the car owner save money on fuel, but also lowers the CO2 emission from burning the fuel, thus greatly contributes to the conservation of the environment.

The fact that these cars come in such petite sizes brings much convenience to urban vehicle users who enjoy driving rather than using the public transports. With the successful marketing of the Smart Car business, not only is it now a popular iconic vehicle in Europe, but also a buzz-car universally. Although it is impossible that everyone consumes a Smart car eventually, it is definitely good news that Smart car becomes a force and a trend with the current supportive demand in the vehicle industry that encourages car manufacturers to go “green” with new model ideas. If more and more car owners would convert to using Smart Cars consuming biofuel, global warming could be significantly slowed down, since vehicles are one of the major sources of CO2 emission which causes global warming.
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