Smart Action Plan

Topics: Criminology, Crime, Psychology Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: December 10, 2012

| Teaching plan| Outcome|
Learning objectives| Identify some of the risk factors associated with Gang membership.Identify some of the risk factors for juvenile offenders. Identify ways of tackling gang culture and juvenile crime.| Some of the learners already had some prior knowledge of the subject.All learners gained a basic understanding of the subject and made progress in identifying society’s ills.Most made a verbal contribution to the debate.| Specific| To acquire an understanding of the causes of juvenile crime and how those causes are addressed.| All learners gained a basic understanding of the subject matter.| Measurable| Handouts to be used asking the learner to consider for themselves the causes and ways of tackling juvenile crime. Thereafter the general discussion and debate with the class when considering the learners answers will demonstrate a depth of understanding. The learner will be able to gauge the level of understanding for each individual leaner by moving around the room and discussing with each learner their own answers, thoughts and opinions on the subject and through checking those answers and by self-assessment.| From the debate and discussion that took place, it was clear that all learners gained some knowledge of the issues raised within the subject.| | Teaching plan| Outcome|

Achievable| Every learner will make some contribution both written and verbal.| Most learners actively verbally contributed to the debate and all learners made written contribution to the questions set.| Relevant| The teaching session is relevant to the youth justice module which forms part of the criminology degree course.| | Timebound| The handouts used and the time available for questions, answers, group discussion and debate will be sufficient within the allotted time for the learner to gain sufficient understanding of the subject matter.| There was...
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