Small Track, Fast Track, Multi Track

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  • Published : January 20, 2011
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Alan wishes to sue Ben for £12,500 for a breach of contract. Advice Alan of the court to be used to commence the claim and the track to which the claim will be allocated. How would your advice be different if the claim was for £72,500? Small Claim Track

Fast Track
Multi - Track
Alan should use The County Court to commence the claim of suing Ben for £12,500 for a breach of contract. The track in which the claim should be allocated is the Fast Track Claim. This is because the claim is handled by the County Court and also it lasts a short period of time and in such a case, Alan is seeking an award less than £15000. The small claims track is fair measure of a process that takes place in the County Court. They normally tend to deal with cases that involve one or more parties have been unable to resolve their disputes by other measures. Small claims track is used as a last resort, when all other methods of resolution have failed to provide a dispute between the parties. If a claimant is seeking compensation, in terms of money equal to no more than £5000. Various cases can be processed in the claims court. For claimants looking to resolve issues that arise during the process of debt collection or issues between landlord and tenant. The small claims can allow claimants to solve personal injury issues, unresolved issues related to contractual agreements, and unsettled issues pertaining to rendered services. The fast claims track is also handled by County Courts. Fast track cases resolved in a short period of time and in such cases the claimants are seeking awards that are less than £15000. Before filling a fast track claim, a claimant should provide the defendant with a letter before action. The consists of the claimant giving the defendant a final warning of resolving the dispute before filling the claim. There are many documents required when filing a fast track claim. The documents include; N1 form, claimants information, defendants information, brief...
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