Small Team Paper

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Small Team Paper

I am on a team called Home Station Field Reset (HSFR). The group I work with is the Electronic and Armormant portion of the team. We have eight members in our group total. Our job is to do an initial inspection on all the electronical equipment, and weapons in the North Carolina National Guard coming home from overseas. After that we order what parts are needed to fix the equipment. Then when it is fixed we do a final inspection, and send it back to the unit so they can continue to train. In all my experiences of being in a small group I believe that this is one of the best possible. We all come from different cultures and races. But we all still manage to get along better than most groups I have been in. When we were all first brought together at the start of the group we were all fresh from overseas, and still not use to civilian life. Our supervisor was a little tough and straight forward in the beginning but ended up coming around to being pretty relaxed now. The rest of the group was kind of accepting to learning each other, but not yet enough to trust each other. It took about 3 months for people to start trusting and opening up to each other. Finally then we started working together as a team and working with hardly any issues.

One of the biggest problems that we encountered as a team was when the 30th Brigade got back from Iraq. When they got back we had just lost four people on another deployment. So we were short on personnel, and the few that we had didn’t have a whole lot of experience in their job. There were two of us with experience that we SSG, and I. When we first found out that we were going to be doing the 30th Brigade after losing our people we went to our higher up to try and get some more help. They said okay at first but then told us that they didn’t have the money to hire and train new people. So we were still going to have to do the mission with few personnel but still get it done in 365 days just like always. So...
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