Small Scale Industries

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Project on Management of Small Scale Industries & Public Relations Management.

SSI visited:-
Nova Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd.

Kevin Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Introduction To Small Scale Industries.

Small-scale industries are the backbone of the Indian industrial structure. They provide a variety of non-traditional low technology product. They are also engaged in the processing, preserving manufacturing and servicing activities. small-scale industries (SSIs) constitute an important and crucial segment of the industry sector. Promotion and growth of SSI sector has been a cardinal feature of Indian Industrial policy. SSIs in India have been given a distinct identity and the Govt. has accorded high priority to this sector on account of the vital role it plays in balanced and sustainable economic growth. It plays crucial role in the process of economic development by value addition, employment generation, equitable distribution of national income, regional dispersal of industries, mobilisation of capital and entrepreneurial skills and contribution to export earnings. It has all the characteristics of the decentralized sector such as small size and employment intensity and the entire lot belongs to private sector. The contribution of SSI sector to employment is next only to agriculture as a dynamic and vibrant sector of the economy. Sma1l-Scale Industries play a key role in the Industrialisation of developing country. This is because they provide large-scale employment and have a comparatively higher labour-capital ratio. They need a shorter gestation period and relatively smaller market to be economic. They need lower investments, and facilitate an effective mobilisation of resources of capital and skill which might other-wise remain unutilised. The Small-Scale Industry sector, manufacturing a wide range of more than 7500 products, not only caters to the needs of the lower income group, but also acts as a nursery for the employment of entrepreneurial talent. It produces mass consumption items such as leather goods, plastic parts, ready-made garments as well as sophisticated items such an television sets, tro-medical systems, hearing curds, tape-recorders process Electro instruments etc. Ancillary units in the Small-Scale sector supply a wide diversity of products to original equipment manufacturing producing bicycles, scooters, automobiles tractors etc. simple machine tools such as leather drilling machines, printing machines and writing machines are also being made in the Small-Scale sector, its contribution is next to agriculture in India. India is predominantly an agricultural country. The agricultural economy accounts for 42 per cent of the national income and 72 per cent of the population. The agricultural sector is unable to provide employment to our teeming millions. Those who are employed are unable to enjoy a better standard of living. Small-Scale being labour intensive, have the potential to provide employment for a large proportion of industrial and agricultural labour forces. The Development of Small-Scale Industries is our integral par of the overall economic, social and industrial development of a country. The Government has given due importance to this sector of the economy to eradicate mass poverty and to ensure a better standard of living for the people. Introduction to Public Relation :-

Public relation is a window of the corporation through which management can monitor externa1 changes and simultaneously a window through which society can affect corporate policy. Today most social conflicts are caused by changing values and higher expectations from the superiors. We find regular conflicts between employer-employee consumer-manufacturer, management shareholders, citizens — government and so on due to misconceptions and misunderstandings. These are generally the major challenges where PR practitioners can play a crucial role. They could get to know the psychology of the public...
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