Small Group Reflection

Topics: Gender role, Learning, Stage Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: November 22, 2011
Small group and team communication is basically the most imperative skill that any individual will ever have to learn. Communication consists of making contact with other individuals in verbal or nonverbal connection. Whether it is a group or team each individual has different background and customs, therefore he or she should be confident enough to deal with social diversity because there is no particular way in dealing with such diverse groups. The importance of team communication is vital for achievement because people learn from one another and share similar objectives. While classroom lectures provide students with volumes of information, many experiences can be understood only by living them. It is with the
workings of a small, task-focused group. What observations can I make after
working with my group? And what have I learned as a result? When meeting together and brainstorming ideas for our can drive there were many leadership roles and
the strengths of our individual group that became increasingly apparent. Although
early in our project Jeff was the key initiator and Casey largely an information
seeker, all of us group members eventually took on these functions in addition to
serving as recorders, gathering information, and working on coming up with ideas on how we would start and initiate this can drive. Every member coordinated the group’s work at some point, several made sure that
everyone could speak and be heard, and Casey was especially good at
catching important details the rest of us were oblivious to. Tyler and I frequently clarified or elaborated on information, whereas Andrea, Casey, and Jeffrey were good at contributing ideas during brainstorming sessions. Casey, Jeffrey and I brought tension-relieving humor to the group.
Just as each member brought individual strengths to the group, gender
differences also made us effective. For example, Andrea and Casey looked at the big picture and made intuitive leaps in
ways that the Jeffrey, Tyler,...
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