Small Group Proposal

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  • Published : October 26, 2010
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Small Group Proposal
Mental Health Group for Adolescent Boys

I.                   Abstract- brief statement summarizing concept and rationale for the group The small group that is being proposed is designed for adolescent boys, ages 13-17, who have been recently diagnosed with a mental illness. The focus of the treatment group is for the boys to come to accept their mental illness using the seven stages of death designed by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. While in group, they will not only come to terms with their mental illness but also become comfortable expressing emotions they may be experiencing, as well as build self-esteem due to the stigma of mental illness. I had chosen to base my group on adolescent boys with mental illness because I feel it is a population that tends to be overlooked. In our society, boys and men are supposed to be strong, able to withstand emotion; they are not allowed to show emotions like, crying, since that would make them look weak and feminine. Mental illness is something that holds a personal interest for me since I had performed my first placement helping mentally ill women. I think that at times boys need as much attention as girls when it comes to such matters. It also helps that my research has shown that a group like this has never been implemented before, making me more excited that I have designed a completely unique group. II.                Agency/institution context-setting, mission, services, staffing, clientele The agency that best suits where my group would fit is Inner Harbour a residential treatment facility in Douglasville, GA. The agency is located in a spacious region where a variety of outdoor activities can be performed for entertainment and confidence and trust building. The mission statement is “Inner Harbour helps young people build upon their strengths to overcome life’s most difficult challenges by providing a continuum of behavioral...
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