Small Group and Team Communication

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  • Published : October 19, 2010
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Small Group and Team Communication

Small Group and Team Communication
The barrier to creativity and communication in regards to the Going Green Initiative at Riordan Manufacturing is perceptual barriers, which is causing the employees to overlook the real problems that are there. Perceptual barrier blind the team to hidden issues, it includes difficulty in location or isolating the issue or focusing so much on one issue that the teams only see the initial high cost of going green and not the long term saving and benefits it will have for the environment and community. Because the team is going off their previous experience they prejudge the going green program before it is even off the ground without giving the program a chance to succeed. I will stimulate my team creative thinking by using creative abrasion to overcome the limitation that the barriers put on the team. This will take place when I get the entire department involved and familiar with the going green initiative together to brain storm and generate new ideas on problem solving approaches to make the Going Green initiative a success. This process will bring diverse perspectives together to develop a creative solution. Also I will ask question that will help stimulate different approaches to solving our problems, such as, “What is similar to this, but cost less?” Why?” Or we can ask where else could this be built? These questions will offer the team the opportunity to look at thing in a different prospective and way to view the issue. Having the different perspective from multiple departments will give us collaborative solution that all departments will be on the same page and help us reach our goal of being a Green company while saving the company money in the long haul. Some project that I will use to help stimulate team creativity will include idea needlers which help pose different questions on how to make the project succeed. I will also have an open door policy which...
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