Small Change, Big Moral and Productivity

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Small Change, Big Moral and Productivity
In Harry Bruce's article “Suit, Tie Give Way to Poly Shirts, Loafers” he describe that the transitional three-piece suit significantly decreases productivity and morale in any work places. He has given many examples to support his point of view. As the air conditioning broke down in L&F Products of Montvale, employees changed their uniform suit to cotton twill and poly shirts, and resulted in improved working attitudes. I agree with Harry's argument that wearing casual clothing can increase working attitude and morale. Other than wearing casual working clothes, having a stress-free working environment and flexible working hours can also increase productivity.

A stress-free and comfortable working environment give us less personal stress; it results in less work related mistakes and better working attitude - morale. Due to the nature that human are afraid of making mistakes, we tend to make more mistakes when manager or boss is physically monitoring our performance. The stress created by manager or boss are avoidable. Letting employee to work and only look at end result of his or her work will eliminate the intangible stress and create a mistake free working environment.

Productivity can be also increased by having flexible work hours. Not everyone is a early person. I am currently working in a printing company as a graphic designer. The working environment is great, but the starting time is 7:30 in the morning, which is ungodly. I can not concentrate on any of my work because my brain is still in sleeping mode. It usually takes me two hours surfing internet to warm up my brain. If the company allows me to start working from 9 or 10. I will be far more productive. In contract, my friend, Thomas, also works in a printing company. He starts his morning at 10am which is a very late start, but he has more brain power to create and come up with new ideas for his work projects.

Working without a fix rules can benefit...
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