Small and Medium Enterprises (Smes) in India

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In India, ?small and medium enterprises? (SME) is a generic term used to describe small scale industrial (SSI) units and medium-scale industrial units. Any industrial unit with a total investment in its fixed assets or leased assets or hire-purchase asset upto Rs10 million is considered as a SSI unit and investment upto Rs. 100 million is considered as a medium unit. In addition, an SSI unit should neither be a subsidiary of any other industrial unit nor can it be owned or controlled by any other industrial unit.

The SME sector produces a wide range of industrial products such as food products, beverage, tobacco and tobacco products, cotton textiles, wool, silk, synthetic products, jute, hemp & jute products, wood & wood products, furniture and fixtures, paper & paper products, printing publishing and allied industries, machinery, machines, apparatus, appliances and electrical machinery. SME sector also has a large number of service industries.

The small scale sector in India comprises of a diverse range of units from traditional crafts to high-tech industries. The number of SSI working units (registered & unregistered) in India totaled 11.4 million in 2003-04?80.5 per cent of which are proprietary concerns and 16.8 per cent are partnership firms and private limited companies.

Importance of SSIs in India

SSI is one of the significant segments of the Indian economy, contributing about 7 per cent to the Indian GDP and providing employment to over 28 million people. The Indian SME segment?s current production value is almost Rs 816,000 crore. It contributes to around 40% of industrial production & exports. It manufactures more than 8,000 diverse products, ranging from low-tech items to technologically-advanced products. The SSI sector targets both domestic as well global markets. SSIs sector is recognized as the engine of growth, accounting for about 70% of employment and...
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