Small and Medium Enterprises in Logistics Management

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Small and Medium Enterprises in Logistics Management.


Under the guidance of
Mr. Shriram Viswanathan

Submitted by
Binu Malhotra
(Registration # 571012236)

in partial fulfillment o f the requirement
for the award of the degree



September 2012


I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude towards the pillars of successful completion of this study on “Small and Medium Enterprises in Logistics Management, Bringing Value to the changing Indian landscape ”, without their unflinching co-operation at all times it would rather have been impossible for me to achieve the desired goal. I would like to thank Mr. Shriram Vishwanathan for his invaluable guidance and support that made my going easy and provided me a good learning opportunity and also colleagues at Ministry of Rural Development who helped me to know and learn various aspects of logistics management at various stages.

New Delhi Binu Malhotra
September 2012Roll # 571012236

Bonafide Certificate:


Certified that this project report titled “Small and Medium Enterprises in Logistics Management, Bringing Value to the changing Indian landscape ”, is the bonafide work of Ms. Binu Malhotra” who carried out the research work under my supervision.


Shriram Vishwanathan
Addnl. Secretary
(Under special projects: Small and Medium Enterprises.)
Ministry of Rural Development

7| 1. Executive summary|
15161718| 2. Small and medium enterprises2.1. Introduction2.2. SMEs global scenario2.3. SMEs Indian scenario| 252528323538| 3. Logistics and supply chain management3.1. Introduction3.2. Indian logistics scenario3.3. SMEs in logistics3.4. Future trends in logistics3.5. Regulatory overview| 4042434548| 4. Logistics operations via major channels4.1.Waterways4.2. Railways4.3. Roadways4.4. Airways| 49495358| 5. Technology trends in the logistics industry5.1. Emerging trends5.2. Rfid in focus5.3. Summary chart of technologies used in logistics| 606263646567| 6. Growth drivers6.1. GDP growth and rise of 3pl services6.2. Investments in infrastructure6.3. Qualified work force6.4. Availability and access to finance6.5. Merger & Acquisition trends| 707072| 7. Logistics model7.1. Indicative logistics model for a soft drink company7.2. Indicative logistics model for an IT hardware company| 737373757681| 8. Material handling equipment8.1. Global scenario8.2. Indian overview8.3. Demand for material handling equipment8.4. Classification of material handling equipment8.5. Future market trends| List of figures and tables

Figure 1| Definition of SMEs as per MSMED Act, 2006List|
Figure 2| Growth and development of SMEs|
Figure 3| Range of logistics services|
Figure 4| Logistics cost as a % of GDP|
Figure 5| Elements of logistics cost (India)|
Figure 6| Strategy emphasis placed by logistics companies| Figure 7| Infrastructure at a glance|
Figure 8| 8 Railway freight earnings|
Figure 9| Warehouse Management System|
Figure 10| GPS Receiver|
Figure 11| ERP System|
Figure 12| RFID tag|
Figure 13| Growth drivers in logistics|
Figure 14| SMEs life-cycle trend|
Figure 15| Logistics model of a soft drink manufacturer|
Figure 16| Logistics model of an IT hardware company|
Figure 17| Types of Material Handling Equipment|
Figure 18| Fork lift truck|
Figure 19| Pallet Truck|
| |
Table 1| SME global comparison|
Table 2| Growth of Micro and Small Enterprises|
Table 3| SWOT Analysis of Indian SMEs|
Table 4| Range of logistics services|
Table 5| India's world ranking in logistics performance and related indicators| Table 6| Savings estimated with a reduction in logistics cost| Table 7|...
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