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1.0 Introduction

Ekomate is the new software firm in Bangalore and Ekomate was founded in 1996 by Tom Thomas. The founder of Ekomate has less experience and they need to expand their businesses in different countries. Ekomate identifies that operating business in domestic markets can’t achieve globalization and Ekomate starts a network relationship to growth their businesses internationally. Due to influence of networks, Ekomate expand their businesses in US markets and develops software for potential clients. Rather than US, Ekomate maintain its quality for international markets and seeking for additional clients in other countries.

2.0 Issues

Even though Ekomate is grow their businesses in domestic and US markets, Ekomate facing lots of difficulties to achieve globalization in other markets after the economy crisis in US. US is the largest markets to develop a software for the clients and Ekomate is fully focus on US markets without have any connection in other markets to develop software and it was major issues for Ekomate. Hence, Ekomate made new contact with Scottish partnership and also seeking additional clients in UK markets. Due to poor understanding of customer needs and requirements, things did not go to plan with Scottish partnership and UK. Communication plays a important role in businesses to communicate with each other to know customer need. CEO Tom Thomas facing a communication issues to expand their networks in Italy when he get invitation to take part a delegation to sicily in 2008 December.

Name : Mohamed Mahin Mathani
UOG ID : 000723295
Module Code : BUSI 1317

3.0 SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is the important techniques to understand about company internal factors like strength, weaknesses and external factors like opportunities, treats as well (Pearce & Robbinson). SWOT ANALYSIS is one of the most used forms of business analysis. It’s also one of the key alignments to know about strategies of firm’s models and its capabilities of the firm. Strengths are those factors that make an organization more competitive than its marketplace peers. (Eisner., pp 46). Weaknesses are the limitation and fault of organization to keep achieving its mission (Eisner., pp 65). Opportunities are supporting factors to organization trends, supporting for product and services demands to achieve the competitive position to organization (Thomas et al). Threat is a unfavorable situation, trend or impends of changes in organizations environment that is potentially damaging or threatening to its ability to compete.  It may be a barrier, constraint, or anything that might inflict problems, damages, harm or injury to the organization. (Thomas et al).

3.1 Strength

In a beginning, Ekomate is new small company born in Bangalore with less experience and the founder Tom Thomas need to operate their networks in different countries. Tom Thomas is build a network relationship in different countries to expand their software development and start collaborate with many companies. The main success of Ekomate was network influenced in most of countries and Tom Thomas identifies about the market strategy and customers’ needs. Due to that effort, Tom Thomas successfully achieve his first US contract and move on to globalization to growth their businesses. In 2002, Ekomate grew up to 20 talented employees and 90 % of Ekomate revenues from international markets. Apart from US markets, Tom Thomas also successfully applied for ISO accreditation to seek more clients in other markets, such as like a UK.

Name : Mohamed Mahin Mathani
UOG ID : 000723295
Module Code : BUSI 1317

3.2 Weaknesses

Besides strength, Ekomate also has some weaknesses in their businesses to achieve international markets strategy. Tom Thomas only depends their businesses in US market networks and don’t have any connection in other markets to expands their businesses. It was a major...
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