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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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sayIntroduction - In Danny Boyle's film Slumdog Millionaire, it's Jamal's choices and his character that affect the course of his life; that lead him to Latika. However Jamal would never have made them without his belief in that Latika was his destiny. In the film fate and freewill are continually playing a part in all lives, but are most evident in the lives of Latika and Jamal.

Jamal's as well as other character affects the course of his life which leads him to Latika. Throughout the film It’s Jamal’s’, as well as other characters in the film contributions that affect the course of his life and which essentially lead him to Latika. There are many instances of this, when Salim lets go of Latika’s hand on the train instead of helping her onto it, Salim kicking Jamal out of the hotel room threatening to kill him and then running off with Latika, and Salim’s noble decision when handing over the keys to Latika to get to Jamal. All of these are examples are of Jamal’s and other characters in the films contributions affecting the course of events leading Jamal not only to becoming financially stable but also getting Latika in the end . Its Jamal’s sheer determination that brings him to Latika, however other characters influence his life. On the other hand, if Jamal was not driven by the belief that Latika was his ‘destiny’ he would have near have made choices to get Latika. Body 2: Without Jamal's belief in fate he would have never been driven to find Latika T- Jamal’s purpose in life dramatically changes at a very young age, when he loses his mother and meets Latika for the first time sitting in the rain. From the day he invites Latika into the shelter he falls in love with her, and all the choices he makes are made to get Latika. However without the belief that Latika was his destiny he would have never have made those decisions. E- Throughout the film there are many instances of Jamal refers to Latika as his destiny; “I knew I´d find you in the end. It´s our...
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