Slumdog Millionaire

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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In this film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ show what choices and chance does Salim, Jamal and Latika choose. Jamal choose love Latika over his brother Salim, he choose to join the show to get back Latika. Latika choose both, the chance does she choose is to meet up jamal on the train station, and the choices she choose is to accept Jamal’s love. Salim he choices to be a gangster, he choose to do everything to get rich, so he shoot Mammon and give Latika to Javed. 1. Salim chooses to become a gangster. By deciding to become a gangster he chooses to be rich and do anything to get money. For example, in order to join Javed’s gang he chooses to give Javed Latika and shoot Mammon. By choosing to join Javed’s gang Salim does become very rich. But at a price! He learns to be ashamed of himself. In the end Salim dies for his brother Jamal. He sits in a bathtub of money and waits for Javed’s men to attack him. He does this to give Jamal time to catch up and escape with Latika and so that Jamal and Latika have a chance of a life together. He dies as a sacrifice to their love. Salim was a Muslim and often prayed to Allah. In dying he was asking Allah for forgiveness. Luck did not follow Salim. Salim made his own choices. Salim lived a life based totally on the choices he made – and he made bad choices every time.

2. Jamal chooses love over money and Latika over his brother Salim. When Jamal and Salim meet on the roof of a car park after a long separation Jamal learns that Salim ‘gave’ Latika to Javed. He knows that Salim never cared for Latika.It is at this point that Jamal gets angry with his brother, realises what type of person Salim is, and chooses Latika over Salim. Jamal’s choice of Latika over Salim has a great effect on his life. Jamal did meet Latika...
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