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Topics: Advertising, Management, Boca Raton, Florida Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: April 22, 2013
March 13, 2013
SLS 1501
Career Research Assignment
Major: Business Administration
5 occupations that someone could pursue with this major:
A. Account Executive
B. Claims Adjuster
C. Marketing Assistant/Coordinator
D. Market Research Analyst
E. Property Manager
1) Advertising Manager – Create interest by utilizing advertisements and promotions for a product or service to potential buyers for clients such as a department, organization, or an account. WebsiteURL: - tab-2 2) In order for one to become an advertising manager, he/she must posses certain required skills, which include creativity, analytical, decision-making, interpersonal, and management skills. Being an advertising manager you must be able to manage your time and budget efficiently, while directing and motivating staff. WebsiteURL: - tab-4 3) A bachelor’s degree is a key requirement in getting a job as an advertising manager. For this job, acquiring a bachelor’s degree in journalism or advertising is highly preferred as well as having worked as an intern while attending college. Website URL: - tab-4 4) American Association of Advertising Agencies
Website URL:
5) The typical annual and hourly wages based for an advertising manager based on qualifications are:

Entry Level - $14.64 per hour earning $30,441 annually
Mean - $32.65 per hour earning $67,908 annually
Experienced - $55.04 per hour earning $114, 474 annually


6) Lynn University
Boca Raton
7) Baruch College of the City University of New York...
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