Slowing Down Global Warming

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  • Published : December 3, 2010
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Sunday 8, 2010
Eng - 111

Slowing down global warming

Global warming is causing many problems for us such as horrible storms, melting sea water, and extreme heat waves. Even though we always thought of global warming affecting us, we never thought of how we caused problems for global warming. For the past decades we did nothing but cause this major crisis, now Is the time we need to help it slow down. Us can be taking in many ways, individuals or a whole. Since there are more than a million things we can do to help slow down global warming, a few of them include: driving, planting, recycling all smartly!

Did you ever think that coming to a sudden stop or taking off to fast effects the environment? Well the truth is, it does affect our environment. When you start and stop to fast you are actually consume more fuel with causes you to let off more carbon-dioxide into the air around you. Try watching how you drive like in traffic, don’t take off as soon as the car in front of you moves a foot then slams on his breaks causing you to do the same. What if you have a neighbor or two who works in the same building as you or a block away? Instead of having two or more cars all going the same way, try only taking one car. Then that brings up the problem of who will be driving. You can always take turns driving for one, and two, if one person only works a block away it does not hurt walking a little bit. You won’t be burning any Carbone dioxide into the atmosphere. Both of these things take a part in each other, just by driving to one place. You can do more than two things to help slow down global warming. When planting in your garden, you’re not only helping the environment but your also helping others help the environment. When you plant trees in your yard your helping soak up the carbine dioxide the cars produce. But what happens when you first have to water the plant, your using so much water? Trying placing...
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