Slow Cow: Competitor Analysis

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  • Published : November 8, 2011
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Competitor Analysis

Major Competitors:
1. Slow Cow
a. Market share:
i. 7-77 year olds – target market
ii. Sold more than 1.2 million cans across Canada since its launch a little more than a year ago (Dec. 18, 2008) iii.
b. Products and services: Quebec-based Slow Cow describes itself as a new relaxation beverage that helps in concentration, memory and learning capacity without causing sleepiness; a modern cup of tea with a twist. The drink’s 8 ingredients are all natural / herbal. 0 calories and 0 sugar. c. Promo / Distribution / Price of products and services: i. Word of mouth

ii. Currently available in Canada (from BC to the maritime provinces) iii. Will be available in the US in 2nd quarter of 2010 and in the UK, South Africa, Brazil and Chilly in 3rd quarter of 2010 iv. Convenience stores: 7 Eleven, QuicKie, The C-Store, North Mart, Super Sagamie, Couche-Tard (Max) v. Giant Tiger, Liquid Nutrition, MacEwen, North West Company, Northern, La Capsule Sportive vi. New partnership with Fazzt Race Team for 2010 Indy Racing League championship (sponsorship) vii. Slow Cow website. Relax and Win contest. viii. $4.00 CAD / 250ml can

d. Positioning: Slow Cow’s positioning strategy focuses on the benefits of the brand as a healthy, natural, no calorie beverage, which helps the consumer to relax and concentrate. e. Reaction to new competition:

i. With aggressive marketing campaigns
ii. Promotions (2 for 1, free give aways) iii. Lowering their price
2. Drank
a. Market share:
i. U.S. market
ii. Planning to enter the Canada market with the 2nd quarter of this...
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