Slope Lesson Plan

Linear equation, Statistics

Lesson Plan

Title: Finding the Slope of a Line
Name: Tomeka Nichols
Grade Level: 8th grade
Date: June 29, 2010

Overview/General Goals: The learner will locate and graph pairs of integers on a coordinate plane. The learner will graph data to demonstrate linear or nonlinear relationships. The learner will interpret graphs, tables, and equations. The learner will gain knowledge of reasoning and logic skills that will aid him or her in future critical thinking situations as well as attain a foundation for creating arguments.

M8A4. Students will graph and analyze graphs of linear equations. a. Interpret slope as a rate of change.
b. Determine the meaning of the slope and y-intercept in a given situation c. Graph equations of the form y= mx+b.
d. Graph equations of the form ax+by=c.
e. Graph the solution set of a linear inequality, identifying whether the solution set is an open or a closed half-plane. f. Determine the equation of a line given a graph, numerical information that defines the line, or a context involving a linear relationship. g. Solve problems involving linear relationships.

M8D4. Students will organize, interpret, and make inferences from statistical data. a. Gather data that can be modeled with a linear function.
b. Estimate and determine a line of best fit from a scatter plot.
Objectives: Students will find the slope of a line given two points, and the equation of a line. Students will be able to recognize positive and negative slopes.

Anticipatory Set: The teacher will discuss the variety of careers that use this same type of data to perform the job (for example, Pharmacists, Cartographers, and Engineers). Have students create a map to somewhere they find interesting. Bring imagery to the students by talking about the roller coasters

Input: Students will be reminded of the definition of a line, ordered pairs, and coordinate plane. We will go over the formula for slope.
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