Slogans of Different Companies

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1) Brand name : Alltel

Business Description: Telecommunication

Slogan: ‘Love Every Minute’

2) Brand name : Apache

Business Description: Petroleum

Slogan: ‘Energy to Grow’

3) Brand name : Apple

Business Description: Consumer electronics

Slogan: ‘Byte into an Apple’

4) Brand name : Avon Products

Business Description: Personal & Household Products

Slogan: ‘Ding-Dong-Avon Calling’

5) Brand name : Boeing

Business Description: Aerospace & Defense

Slogan: ‘Forever New Frontiers’

6) Brand name : Caterpillar

Business Description: Industrial Equipment

Slogan: ‘Earthmoving solutions for today's challenges’

7) Brand name : Chevron

Business Description: Petroleum Refining

Slogan: ‘Finding newer, cleaner ways to power the world’

8) Brand name: CISCO Systems

Business Description: Computer & Communication

Slogan: ‘The Network Works. No Excuses’

9) Brand name : ConAgra

Business Description: Food

Slogan: ‘ConAgra. The right kind of Food Company’

10) Brand name : Continental Airlines

Business Description: Airlines

Slogan: ‘Work Hard, Fly Right’

11) Brand name : Dell

Business Description: Computers, Technology & Office Equipments

Slogan: ‘Dell. Purely You’

12) Brand name : Walt Disney

Business Description: Entertainment

Slogan: ‘I'm going to Disney World!’

13) Brand name : DuPont

Business Description: Chemicals

Slogan: ‘The Miracles of Science’

14) Brand name : eBay

Business Description: Retail & Electric Commerce

Slogan: ‘The Power of All of Us’

15) Brand name : Eli Lily

Business Description: Pharmaceutical

Slogan: ‘Innovation is personal’

16) Brand name : Estee Lauder

Business Description: Cosmetics & Perfumes

Slogan: ‘Bringing the best to everyone we touch’

17) Brand name : FORD Motors

Business Description: Automotive

Slogan: ‘Built for the road ahead’

18) Brand name : General Motors

Business Description: Automotive

Slogan: ‘People in motion’

19) Brand name : Google

Business Description: Internet Services & Retailing

Slogan: ‘Google is the closest thing the Web has to an ultimate answer machine’

20) Brand name : H.J.Heinz

Business Description: Food

Slogan: ‘57 Varieties’

21) Brand name : Harley-Davidson

Business Description: Transportation Equipment

Slogan: ‘Define your world in a whole new way.’

22) Brand name : Hewlett-Packard

Business Description: Computers, Office Equipment

Slogan: ‘HP. Invent’

23) Brand name : Intel

Business Description: Semiconductors & other Electronic Equipments

Slogan: ‘Intel Inside’

24) Brand name : International Business Machine(IBM)

Business Description: Information Technology Services

Slogan: ‘THINK’

25) Brand name : Johnson & Johnson

Business Description: Pharmaceuticals

Slogan: ‘Your Druggist is More Than a Merchant’

26) Brand name : Kellogg

Business Description: Food

Slogan: ‘The Best To You Each Morning...from Kellogg's’

27) Brand name : Kimberley-Clark

Business Description: Household & Personal Products

Slogan: ‘It feels good to feel’

28) Brand name : Kraft Foods

Business Description: Food

Slogan: ‘A little taste of heaven’

29) Brand name : Land O’Lakes

Business Description: Food, Consumer Products

Slogan: ‘So have you had milk today?’

30) Brand name : Lockheed Martin

Business Description: Aerospace & Defense

Slogan: ‘We Never Forget Who We Are Working For’

31) Brand name : Marriott International

Business Description: Hotels, Casinos, Resorts

Slogan: ‘Revive’

32) Brand name : McDonald’s

Business Description: Food Services

Slogan: ‘I'm lovin' it’

33) Brand name: MetLife

Business Description: Finance & Insurance

Slogan: ‘It's at times like this that Metlife sets itself apart’

34) Brand name : Microsoft...
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