Slip of the Tongue in Singing English Songs by Adult as Second Singer : a Psycholinguistic Analysis

Topics: Phonation, Speech, Phonetics Pages: 14 (4063 words) Published: November 21, 2012
Since slip of the tongue is the naturals condition that everyone find during his communication experience, people finally give many definition toward this phenomenon. In Cambridge Advaced Learner’s Dictionary slip of the tongue define as a condition when someone says something that they did not intend to say which is means the slip of the tongue is not intentional and it can not represent the true feelings of a person. On the other hand the opposite definition coming out from Sigmund Freud which is explain slip of the tongue as a meaningful and interpreted utterances. The utterances coming out as the representation of the restrained or repressed intention of the speaker. Both definitions have their own strength and approval but here, the concern of the research just limited on the reason or factors that cause slip of the tongue and the relation between rhythm/music genre to human ability in producing words under psycholinguistics analysis perspective. One condition that everybody have to understand is the research take a special condition. If slip of the tongue usually happen in normal conversation in this case slip of the tongue will observed in the sing activities. The reason for this condition is related to the concern of the research which will find the relation between rhythm/ musik genre to human ability in producing words. So, the researcher find five different songs in different genre to be analyzed and in collecting data, observational method and recorcing technique used while in analyzing the data researcher used articulatory identity method and presenting the result using informal and formal method. METHODS

The data taken from five english songs which is sing by adult and the object that researcher need to find is the slips of the tongue by adult in singing those songs. In order to find the object of the research firstly the researcher have to find the songs that included into the criteria that explained in the background of the research. In this case, the researcher have to make a questionnaire to collect some information about the genre and the popular singer and songs that known by the participant. Then after collecting those information the researcher have to decide five songs that included into the chategories by collecting the most similar answer by the participants. After collecting five songs as the tools of the observation,the researcher need to record the songs that is sing by the participants so, if we relate it to Sudaryanto’s book (1988) the method used by researcher in collecting the data is observation and the technique used is recording. Nevertheless in devining the tools of the data researcher need to use questionnaire as the technique. This research included into descriptive qualitative research because the data were collected in the form of utterances that produce by the second singer (adult) and the representation of the research is in the form of words. Due to this research purpose are to find the kinds and factors of slip of the tongue that cause slip of the tongue by adult as the second singer while singing a song so, the reseacher will use descriptive research because it designed to obtained information concerning the current status of the phenomenon and directed toward determind the nature of the situation as it exists at the time of the research in the label of qualitative methode (Ary 1972:259) Differ from quantitative research, this research will concern on the complex and larger concentration. The researcher of qualitative research have to give a meaning for the phenomenon holisticaly and need to play arole in the whole process (Sudarwan, 2002). The research it self will approve the phenomenon with the perspective of the researcher so, there should be a methode used to analyze the data taken. Lately many expert use triangulation method to analyze the data. This methode is a study aplication that used multimethodic for analyze the similar phenomenon, (Denzin,1989...
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