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e all recognise the importance and intricacy of making career choices in life. Making career choices is an art because every choice has consequences. In fact, consequences are what make choices important and hence, follows the significance of making the right choice. Your choices and decisions are the seeds to your future. If you plant them in fertile ground, they will lead you to success. And, to choose the right seed is the most important aspect here. It is all about discovering your own interests, dreams and the ways to realise them.


Are you at the crossroads in life—trying to infer what you should do, or what you can be in future?


Where's the world that houses your dreams — the world where you can accomplish your dreams, your aspirations?

Tough competition and high cut-off percentages for courses in India's top universities leave a large number of applicants disappointed.

Elaborate study and intense hard work leads you to high percentages. But does it take you to the best courses in the best universities of India? Extensive non-stop preparations, hard work, stress and pressure, and you still couldn't get a seat in IITs and the top medical colleges!

Limited seats available in good universities, and the
never ending list of applicants...

Where do you go when you can't get admission
in a course of your choice even

with 91% score?

Situation same across engineering, medical, commerce, humanities and other professional courses.


Yet, there is no Indian University / Institution even in World's Top 200 ?


Where do you go? What do you do with the dreams you lived with, your parents lived with all throughout?

ome of us change our course choices and hence, career preferences. And, many who can afford the high capitation fees opt for private institutions — private institutions which survive on low infrastructure, low education quality and no job prospects. We all must have heard of such experiences where even after paying high capitation fee candidates have landed up with no jobs!


Engineers, doctors and other professionals around inspire you but IITs/NITs/AIIMS appear a bit too difficult.

You wish to study commerce or humanities, but fear the limited prospects.

You have it in you, but haven't got an opportunity to prove yourself—your calibre.

Studying in USA is an existing passion and you feel immersed in it completely.

You are not a great student but wish to make it big in life. You look for alternates to India's best, or desire a better degree.

You want to assure a secure future for your children but don't know how to.

As a parent you want to give your child the best education, but are confused about the right route.

As working parents, you couldn’t give the best of time and attention to your child, but wish to give him the best future possible.

If your dream talks —the best education, the best available degree in the subject of your choice and the best employment possible Don't COMPROMISE when there's a whole world of BETTER OPTIONS available.

World's Top And Leading Universities Is The Take.

Going to US University is easy...
Studying in the best and leading universities isn't an unreachable star. easy. You don't have to be necessarily a school topper or a book worm. An average student who has the will & resolve to study in This life changing experience isn't a brain surgery, it's one of the best US universities, and has the ability to handle finances involved (around 10-15 lacs) can surely accomplish his




out of the

world's best university.

What takes you to one of the best US universities?
Required Exam Scores TOEFL score SAT score SAT Subject Tests score AP score Universities Ranked between 300-500 Universities Ranked between 100-300 Top Ranking Universities

Academic Transcripts—final marks sheet for class IX, X, XI, and midterm marks sheet for class XII Extra Curricular and Cultural...
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