Slimfit Boutique Mock Media Plan

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About the Client

Slimfit Boutique offers various shaping programmes designed to effectively firm and shape the body innocuously. Novel and advanced systems from Europe are utilized to tone the body in just a few sessions. Slimfit Boutique also provides a wide range of facials, manicure and pedicure services.

Summary of the Product

​The same scientist who constructed the pacemaker also developed this system that uses a unique technology to effectively flex muscles. It creates the same effects as what a dynamic exercise does to the body and at the same time, eliminating the pain, sweat and soreness.

Thus, it aids the building up of muscles while effectively while reducing the weight of the user. Using both the system and the Myha Bodytec system, it is the ideal formula for the reduction of cellulite.

Campaign Objectives

SPH’s goal is to reach 70% of the target audience five times. Our aim is to grow Slimfit’s business; propel Flexfit’s brand to rise above competition, reach out to a new target customer base, and distinguish Slimfit from a saturated slimming marketplace.

Target Audience

Slimfit targets sophisticated female and male working professionals who are image-conscious and loves grooming. Ranging from 15 to 60 years old, the target audience values not only their well being but also enjoys the luxurious side of life.

Magazine’s Unique Selling Points

SPH magazines are visually attractive with superior quality, and promotes a more trusted brand image to consumers. They make it easy for advertisers to reach out to their targeted market as magazines have a high segmentation potential and henceforth guarantees that their advertisements are seen by the people who have a high probability percentage of purchasing their products. SPH’s magazines also have a long shelf time, and are of first-rate quality.

Media Strategy

With an advertising budget of $80,000 spanning from May 2011 to July 2011, SPH will boost Slimfit’s business with a dedicated media strategy.

Magazine ads will run purposefully from month to month, while internet advertisements will continue throughout the campaign.

Media Tactics ; Magazine

Three magazine titles were chosen to run a variety of advertisements. These advertisements range from using the usual full page advertisements to special features and editorials on Slimfit and Flexfit. Full page advertisements will be strategically placed as facing editorials on the right-hand side of magazines for maximum effectiveness.

Number of Ads to Appear on Which Months for Each Magazine

Advertisements will run heavier in April and May in accordance with the opening of Slimfit’s new branch in May.

Each magazine title was chosen with careful consideration in achieving Slimfit’s campaign objectives and to reach out to their targetted audience.

The three magazine titles are Torque, Her World and Golf Digest, and are described in detail on the next few pages respectively. SPH believes that the readers of these magazines will respond positively to the advertisements and hence, use Slimfit’s products and services.

Torque –

Torque readers value not only luxurious cars in their lives. Besides being well-educated with relatively high disposable incomes, they are also firm believers of health, live life to the fullest, and take pride in their well-being. 79 per cent are willing to spend more on quality items to improve their quality of life. 70 per cent are image-conscious and use skin, hair and body care products regularly.


Her World –

Her World is Singapore’s best-read women’s magazine, with a readership of 196,000, based on the Nielsen Media Index. Readers are busy with a strong sense of purpose and drive. They have good taste and an eye for quality, and are willing to indulge themselves in the pleasures of a hard-earn lifestyle. They...
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