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This manual provides technical information for designers and contractors to design and plan the construction operation. The body of the manual is split into eight distinct sections: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Components Structural design Deck span and beam selector tables Connection design Services design Acoustic design Construction Supplier information Design Assistance Design SlimFloorIntegratedDesignSoftware(SIDS)[56] Detailing Slimdekdetails[57] Steel Construction Institute (SCI) Publications • SCI-P-169:DesignofRHSSlimflorEdgeBeams[18] • SCI-P-175:DesignofAsymmetricSlimflorBeams using Deep Composite Decking[19] • SCI-P-248:DesignofSlimflorFabricatedBeams using Deep Composite Decking[23] • SCI-P-273:ServiceIntegrationinSlimdek[24] • SCI-P-279:ValueandbenefitofSlimdekconstruction[25] • SCI-P-300:CompositeSlabsandBeamsusingSteelDecking:Best Practice for Design and Construction (publicationwithMCRMA)[26] • SCI-P-309:CasestudiesonSlimdek[27] • SCI-P-321:AcousticPerformanceofSlimdek[28] • SCI-P-372:Acousticdetailingforsteelconstruction[31] • SCI-P-380:Avoidanceofthermalbridginginsteelconstruction[32] SCI-P-169, 175 and 248 can be downloaded from the Tata Steel in Construction website at BCSA publication Guide to the Installation of Deep Decking[48] Acknowledgement This manual has been prepared with the assistance and guidance of The Steel Construction Institute.

The manual is intended to provide all the information needed for designers and constructors using Slimdek in grids up to 9m x 9m in a wide range of applications. Where Slimdek is used for applications outside the scope of this manual, reference should be made to the Tata Steel Construction Services & Development staff and to other supporting documents and computer software listed below. The Construction Services & Development department at Tata Steel provides free technical and commercial advice to help specifiers acquire best practice in design and construction using steel. Experts with in-depth knowledge and experience in civil, structural and building design are available to help speed up the design process, facilitate innovation and encourage an integrated approach. The Construction Services & Development department is directly linked to Tata Steel offices around the world to give rapid sales and technical support at a local level. Tata Steel Publications Slimdek - Engineered Flooring Solutions[52] Slimdek - Structure and Services Integration[53] Slimdek - The Residential Pattern Book[54] The Prevention of Corrosion on Structural Steelwork[55] Tata Steel Software Software and further information to assist in the design of the Slimdek system is available from the Tata Steel in Construction website at



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Introduction The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM 2007) 1 Components
1.1General 1.2ComFlor225decking 1.3ASBandASB(FE)- Asymmetric Slimflor Beams 1.4RHSFBs- RectangularHollowSlimflorBeams 1.5TieMembers



Page Page Page Page Page

09 09 11 14 15

2 Structural design
2.1 Introduction 2.2 Structural design - floor slab 2.3 Structural design - beams 2.4Vibrationcontrol 2.5 Durability 2.6 Columns 2.7 Robustness Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 17 19 28 36 37 37 38

3 Deck span and beam selector tables
3.1 ComFlor 225 span tables 3.2 ASB selector tables 3.3RHSFBselectortables Page Page Page 44 47 50

4 Connection design
4.1 Introduction 4.2 ASB sections 4.3RHSFBsections Page Page Page 53 53 55

5 Services design
5.1 Services integration 5.2 Openings 5.3 Electrical trunking and ducts 5.4 Service attachments 5.5 Advanced energy efficient systems 5.6 Perforated ceilings Page Page Page Page Page Page 65 65 66 66...
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