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This guideline is intended to help you in your project assignment and is divided into five (5) sections: I. Objective of the project assignment.
II. General guidelines.
III. Example of journals/periodicals
IV. Words of reminder.
V. Peer review

The objective of this project assignment is to help students:

i. Develop an understanding of ethics in accounting. Students would understand the importance of ethics on professions such as accounting.

ii. Understand professional ethics for accountants in public accounting, management accounting, internal auditing, not-for-profit accounting, and other business area.

iii. Understand legal liability issues that accountants face and the impact that such issues have on professional ethics.

iv. Enhance learning competencies by reading articles from the popular business magazines, accounting press, and journals and discussing current events as they relate to professional ethics for accountants.

v. Enhance students’ writing proficiency in English. II. General guidelines
1. This project assignment should be done in a group consisting of not more than 5 members.

2. The research should be completed in the form of research reports. Please limit your report between 10-15 pages only.

3. Your research topic should concern issues in ethics. Examples:

- Effective methods to incorporate ethics in accounting education, - Unethical managers and economic crisis,
- The role of Islamic teaching on shaping ethical behaviour. - Cultural differences and ethical accountants, etc.
- Accounting, regulation, and ethics.

4. Please refer to at least 5 articles (preferably recent articles) for the literature review section. You may refer to as many articles /books /journals /magazines/ newspaper/ internet as possible.

5. Format of final report:
a. Line spacing: 2; Font: Arial (size 12)
b. Content of the final report should be organised as follow:

Introduction (provides background & motivation of the study).

Objectives of the research (explains what do you want to achieve).

Literature review (reviews of previous studies/papers/ cases on the topic).

Discussion & conclusion (discusses major findings, state your opinion).

References (list down all references used in the study: APA format).

Appendices (attachments of articles, annual reports, forms, etc).

6. The project should be submitted to your respective lecturer by 24 March 2011 Thursday before 2.00 p.m, and present your findings in class during the 13th and 14th week.

III.Example of journals/periodicals
You may read and use articles from any journals but you must cite at least 3 articles from refereed journals and 2 articles from professional or business magazines. Some articles may require basic knowledge of research methods in order to fully understand the content of the articles. In order to find the article that is suitable for your reading level, read the abstract of the article. If you can understand it, then it is suitable. Otherwise, you may need to glance through the methodology section in order to have some idea on its readability. Choose articles from journals that are suitable to your level. Whenever in doubts, students are encouraged to submit their chosen articles to their respective lecturer for assessment. Some examples of suitable refereed journals are:

Issues in Accounting Education, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Education for Business, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, Accounting Horizons, Accounting, Auditing &...
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