Sleeping Beauty

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Passed down through the generations, from grandparents to children, the bedtime stories of our childhood are filled with the wisdom and divinity that rivals some of the most successful spiritual texts of the present age. Even today, these universal tales continue to mystify children, taking them to a magical world every night, while subtly delivering important life lessons. These are tales which when looked closely, are full of the most richest and profound symbolism. Especially in modern times, they have proved to be a very engaging subject for literary critics as well as psychologists, looking to uncover and conquer the deep symbolism found there. In these fairy tales, hidden behind the fascinating world of elves and goblins, you gradually realise, lie the mysteries of the Soul.

The Sleeping Beauty, or Briar Rose, as it is called by many, by the Brothers Grimm, is a classic fairytale from the 17the century which can be found to be significant in many spheres of our life. A story involving a beautiful princess, a handsome prince, and the inevitable evil witch, it tells us about the journey of a woman and a man from infancy to adulthood. Transformation is a very prominent theme in this story. Almost all characters in the story are round characters. Starting from the birth of the Princess Aurora as a result of a boon rewarded to the Queen by a fish, it ends with the happy union of the Prince and the Princess. In between these two events lapse more than a hundred years. Throughout the story, there isn't a single object or being that doesn't hold deep significance to the story. The principal object, the spindle, is an allusion to the Greek female triads, the Fates. Even the fish, found by the queen on the bank of a river, is a symbol of fertility and as for the river, water is known to be an emblem of birth and womanliness. The twelve good witches that the King invites to bless the Princess stand for the twelve months in the traditional calender. They represent...
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