Sleepinf Freshman Never Lie: Wesley

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  • Published : February 12, 2009
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How many of you freshman wish there was a guide for surviving freshmen year? Some days I wish that I had a guide for surviving a typical freshmen day. In Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar, Scott the main character gives you tips on how to survive your freshmen year of high school. The book is basically about Scott going through his freshman high school year and the challenges he faces during it. There are a bunch of characters in Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie, but this paper is not going to be about all of them. No, it’s going to be about a character named Wesley who’s a friendly person towards Scott.

When Mouth puts in Scott’s A Football Feast article, Vernon the quarterback of the football team got mad after reading Scott’s Article, and wanted to beat Scott up. Vernon pursues Scott in the hallway and corners Scott when Scott reaches his locker. Vernon grabs Scott by his collar, and was about to beat up Scott until Wesley shows up. Wesley glaring at Vernon asked Scott if everything was okay. Vernon puts Scott back down on the ground and leaves, so than Scott assumed yeah he was fine. A quote from Scott explains it, “Wesley was waiting for me after school. It actually was nice-sort of like he was looking out for me.”

Scott tells Wesley that he shouldn’t take people’s lunch money anymore. Wesley considers it, and than finally decides he wont do it anymore. He imagined what it was like to be the other person in the situation. This makes him able to stop taking people’s lunch money. “I hoped this was a sign that the school had just become a little less stressful for the small and weak,” guessed Scott.

When Scott’s Mom and Dad needed a ride to the hospital, because the corvette broke down, Wesley takes them to the hospital and goes over the speed limit. A cop chases them, but Wesley doesn’t get a ticket, because the officer understood the situation. “Wesley pulled into the front entrance of the hospital, hitting the brakes and spinning the...
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