Sleepers: Short Story and Human Beings

Topics: Short story, Novel, Fiction Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Topic: Based on research, psychologists have concluded that human beings are molded into what they are or will become by genetics, choice, and the environment. This semester, you read novels and short stories. Think of the setting of the novel or short story you read. Write an essay where you discuss either two or three specific effects that the environment can have on you. Provide examples from the novel or short story you read this semester to illustrate your points.

Effects of the Environment

The environment may influence the way how people live and how societies develop. We have a lot of influences from our environment, but we need to choose the best for our welfare. The environment can be a good or bad sway for our lives. After reading the novel “Sleepers”, we realized that environment was so prejudicial to its protagonists. Furthermore, this novel has showed us that living in a dangerous environment can make us violent and develop bad habits.

The bad influences in our environment can make us violent people in different ways. Sometimes, we get carried away by the environment in which we live and we choose the wrong way, without think what may affect us. Also, the violence that we live in our homes makes us violent people in the future. Being a violent person, bring us a lot of problems with the society and causes us frustration in our lives. Living in a dangerous environment affects us because we used to receive and view the bad influences it has, and then that's what we give to others. Usually, being a violent person we make mistakes that can change our lives forever. People begin to reject us for being violent and how we treat others. For example, in the novel “Sleepers” had four children who lived in a place called “Hell’s Kitchen” was a very dangerous place. They lived daily with violence in their houses and neighborhoods. They did not have the support of their parents because their parents spent every...
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