Sleep Smart

Topics: Management, Business terms, Strategic management Pages: 3 (1116 words) Published: March 23, 2012
The case study reviewed in this analysis refers to SleepSmart, a retail company distributing bed and bedding products to consumers. The company itself suffers from an ongoing lack of focus from a technology standpoint; readers are introduced to the study from the perspective of Greg Danson, the chief information officer of SleepSmart and Stan Bailey, the chief architect (ultimately the responsible mind behind the SleepSmart Strategic Technology Alliance). A crucial element of the case study emphasizes the alignment of information technology with long term goals of the business to ensure confidence with both investors and consumers alike. This report will concern itself with planning around the scenario and the likely outcomes of such actions in the long term, for better or worse. As a small business on the rise SleepSmart has come a long way to its current position as a leader in bed and bedding items. As the years have gone by it can be said that SleepSmart has acquired a great sense of business ethics, albeit for one area that they have neglected terribly, their potential for the use of technology in day to day business operations. It can be said this was a result of the company focusing its attention to everything but the effective use of their IT business group, highlighted by the attitude of senior management towards recommendations provided by both the CIO and Chief Architect (Stan Bailey). Initially the issues cited in the study involved the mismanagement and neglect of information systems used in different business groups, most importantly each system was not effectively communicating between each other. This not only reduced confidence from consumers due to the conflicting information provided from each system’s output, but inevitably planted the seed of doubt in investors’ minds consequentially leading to a downturn in SleepSmart’s shares. Impartial analysis of the company from leading financial institutions also revealed this was a proverbial chink in...
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