Sleep: Necessary Function or Waste of Time

Topics: Sleep, Sleep deprivation, Memory Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: December 17, 2007
Sleep: Important Function or Waste of Time

Sleeping is essential in order for one to be a functional human being. There have been many different ideas about getting enough sleep, including that a person needs seven to eight hours of sleep nightly. One myth about sleep is that during sleeping, one is in a state of "suspended animation" basically a small coma. In truth, however, it has been discovered that during sleep the brain is active, variations in heartbeat and breathing occur, and the eyes and ears are active. These are important stages during sleep because they help that person be more aware, awake, and alert during consciousness. A student's sleeping pattern affect them during the day, and with a few small steps can be prevented. Memory, an important function to every student, is an element affected by lack of sleep. Short term memory, as well as long term memory, decreases. If a student has multiple tests in a given week, that student may be counterproductive if trying to study for too many hours. The student may actually be better off studying less, and sleeping more depending on the person they might actually retain more. It is very difficult for sleepy participants…to keep their attention fixed. As sleep deprivation is prolonged, the effects become more severe. Paranoia and aggressive behavior have been linked with the continuation of sleep deprivation when present for more than five continuous days. In the most extreme cases, sleep deprivation can be accompanied by misperceptions, illusions, and even hallucinations.

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When examining sleep with students, many unusual sleeping patterns are observed. It is not unusual for a student to go to bed at 12 or one a.m. and wake at six or seven. This sleeping pattern can be disturbed when a student is overloaded with work and either stays up later than usual, or gets up earlier than usual. Here, the student's normal sleeping pattern is disturbed and the student may experience extreme tiredness...
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