Sleep Hygiene

Topics: Sleep, Sleep hygiene, Somnolence Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: October 2, 2010
Sleep hygiene is very important you want to be able to have energy for the next day. Your body reproduces energy while you are asleep, if you do not get an average of 8 hours sleep every niht your body will not have enough energy to function efficiently and properly. However, you should not go to bed unless you are drowsy. Some people go to bed before they are sleepy in an attempt to catch up on lost sleep time and to relieve their sense of tiredness and fatigue. However, typically, when they go to bed they don't sleep, but worry about issues in their daily lives and, in particular, their anticipated poor sleep ahead. This worry causes emotional arousal that prevents the passive sleep process from occurring. You should get upo at the same time every morninbg and this includes weekends. You should always place your alarm clock away from the bed sothat you must get up to turn it off. Maintaining a reasonably early awakening time is one of the important time cues for the 24-hour sleep-wake rhythm. Breaking this rule causes sleep disruption in both good and poor sleepers. You should not take naps. Napping disrupts the sleep-wake cycle, particularly if the nap occurs more than 10 hours after the major sleep period. Most people nap at irregular times, causing further disruption of the sleep-wake cycle. Problem sleepers should eliminate this behaviour and substitute gentle exercise instead. If you use alchohol, STOP IT! Do not drink alcohol later than 2 hours before bedtime. If you use coffee, that doesn't help either. Do not consume caffeine after about 4:00 pm. If you use nicotine, this will definitely prevent good sleep. Do not smoke within 4 hours of your bedtime. Exercise regularly, but make sure you a light carbohydrate snack. Try to avoid strenuous physical exertion after 6:00 pm .A snack such as crackers and milk may help promote sleep in those who tend to eat most in the second half of the day. And most importantly you should adjust your sleep...
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