Sleep Disoerder with E Adults

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It can be described as a medical condition that adults that face. Sleep disorder can be defined as the disturbance of normal sleeping habits among adults. The disorder may involve difficulties that are associated with sleep. Most of the adults that are affected by sleep disorders may be because they have adopted a certain life style that is not the one they previously had. Difficulties that may be involved with sleep disorders may include: difficult to fall asleep and staying asleep among adult, sleeping abnormally past the sleeping time, falling asleep during inappropriate time such as during the day and abnormal behavior during sleep as sleepwalking but this is experienced by young children. Sleep disorders can be classified into categories that they fall, they include: * Insomnia, this is the problem failing to fall asleep and staying asleep. * Daytime sleepiness, this is a problem of awake in the day time. * Sleep rhythm problem, this is a problem of sticking to a regular sleep schedule. * Sleep disruptive behavior however this actually happens to the young and may include sleep walking. Among the classified four of the disorders three are common among the adults and in this paper we are going to look at the causes and effects of the disorders. We are going to discus each of the three categories and looking at the possible causes of the disorders. Some of the disorders are caused by the changes of lifestyle among the adult and this are manageable since it is recommended that they stick to a simple life style or adopt another one. In this paper we have sampled various causes under each cluster of sleep disorders among adults. Later on the paper also discusses the long and short term effects of the sleep disorders and also recommendation on how to effectively to curb the disorders. CAUSES OF SLEEP DISORDERS AMONG THE ADULTS

a) Insomnia
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