Sleep Deprivation of College Students

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Sleep Deprivation of college students

It is 11:30 in the morning and the lecture started half an hour ago. The classroom is still half empty. Although half of the class is here, they don’t look like awake. Most of them look like zombies. The above scenario is a common condition taken place in colleges. A research done by Tsui,YY, et al (2009) shows that two thirds of the participating students reported sleep deprivation. The poor sleep quality results in their zombie looks and poor attendants in lectures.

Causes of Sleep deprivation

Deprival of sleep strongly affects college students’ studies and personal life. Why would students have sleep deprivation? There are two main causes.

Change in lifestyle

First of all, the change in lifestyle strongly deranges one’s sleeping pattern. When students in Hong Kong transit from secondary school to college, they are happy about not being controlled by their parents anymore. Since in secondary school, students have a lot of pressure from public exams and their worried parents. The parents force them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, after they become college students, especially for those who are living in residence halls, they would be excited to get rid of the healthy lifestyle and doing whatever they like at night time. They can hang out with friends at midnight and have parties all night long. However, before the deadlines of assignments, students would burn the midnight oil, spending several nights to finish the assignments. When their work is done, they would use the whole day for sleeping to remedy the seized sleeping hours. The upsetting schedule of sleep would induce a strong negative influence in students’ sleep-wake pattern. Once the pattern is disrupted, it will cause varies of problems towards one’s life.


Another main cause of this issue is pressure. With no doubt, stress can easily keep students awake at night. College students in Hong Kong are engaged with sorts of...
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