Sleep Deprivation, Disorders, & Drugs

Topics: Sleep, Sleep disorder, Sleep deprivation Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: April 30, 2013
“I try to elude you for you sleep are the close cousin of death, but no matter how I try and escape the grasp of the two of you, I know soon I will fall prey to your seductive charms and my only reward will be to dream of his beautiful face”- Anneke Wilson

Sleep! Some of us have no problem getting there, while others have to fight just to get an appointment with the sandman. During this paper I will talk about the effects that lack of sleep has on people, including myself. I will talk about how it has affected my mood, behavior, and cognitive skills, as well as the long term effects that rise from it warranting plausible drug remedies.

When my son died on January 4, 2011 it was the beginning of my descent into darkness. Before my son died I was always a night owl. On more occasions than one I had to force myself into sleep just so I would be ready to face the next day that lay ahead of me, which were filled with running after a little person that had enough energy to power eight suns plus one moon. When Adonys passed I didn’t want to sleep anymore, I felt like I didn’t need it, I thought sleep was my enemy and I would do anything to avoid it. So, for the first week that my son was gone I lay awake, I wandered around the house doing random things just so I would not meet sleep. At first it was only because I dint want to close my eyes for fear of seeing my son, then opening them and he not be there, that was scary.

After awhile I didn’t sleep, because I just couldn’t, no matter how often I closed my eyes sleep was elusive, I guess you should be careful what you wish for. At this point my lack of sleep was a direct result of the stress from Adonys’ death and as a result of that my life started to suffer. After not sleeping for several days my moods and behavior started to change drastically. Before when I was getting enough sleep, I was always happy, very fun loving and expressive. Afterwards, I was very crabby and had a nasty tone to my voice, I started...
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