Sleep Deprivation

Topics: Sleep, Adolescence, Circadian rhythm Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: April 28, 2013
The Early Bird Gets The Worm, The Later Bird Gets More Sleep
Teenagers are infamous for spending their weekends sleeping in, staying up during weekdays doing homework, and especially when it comes to the ever so daunting task for parents to getting them out of bed. Laziness is also associated with teenagers and is considered a bad habit which several teenagers share in common. Although sleep is often misconstrued as just another form of laziness, sleep is beneficial to the body and mind. For those parents who find it difficult to get their child out of bed, they should keep in mind that their children are slowly, yet surely, benefiting from the effects of sleep. Though sleeping may seem a simple process a person goes through every night, such as, closing of the eyes and unanticipatedly drifting off into sleep, sleep goes through various cycles. Sleeping “encompasses from four to six cycles, each lasting approximately from sixty to ninety minutes” (Jersild 221). Eyes are shut tight under eyelids during sleep, but it does not mean they stay in place for the duration of the time. Eyes experience Rapid Eye Movement, or REM: “Rapid Eye Movement happens during our dreaming process. When people don’t sleep as often, there’s twice the amount of REM.” (Jersild 222). Which means, without enough sleep, there is not enough time left for the dreaming process to occur and more REM left over. Teenagers exert their bodies more than adults and need plenty of time to recover their energy “[This finding] may arise from the fact that children and young adolescents are physically more active than adults and require a larger period of heavy sleep to take the edge off their body fatigue before they enter a “light sleep cycle”.” (Jersild 223). Sleeping can affect a teenager’s performance during the school day, especially during the early first period class. Many teenagers often wish their school day started later in order for them to catch up on their sleep, and making it less of...
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