Sleep Deprivation

Topics: Sleep, Sleep deprivation, Sleep disorder Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Francisco Diaz
Sleep Deprivation
Blame It On the Light Bulb. College students and individuals across the country are suffering from a health problem that can be more detrimental to their health than some forms of cancer. What is it? Sleep Deprivation. Material People are losing sleep daily, in such a fashion that most have trouble staying awake during work, driving, or even in class. - Sleep deprivation is a serious medical situation that can harm your everyday life. I. What is Sleep Deprivation?

A. Sleep Deprivation (web MDthecondition of being deprived of sleep either under experiment or under real life conditions, as distinguished from being unable to sleep. Sleep Deprivation can even effect acne development, and cause bad hair days. Bi wont say i have a sleep deprivation disorder, but sometimes i find it hard to sleep sometimes, but,i think technology is to blame.. since its all around us. like our cellphones, youtube labtops. 1. 40 percent of American adults admit that their work suffers when they are sleepy. 2. Even more so, College students suffer more than anyone with odd hours and periodic naps during the day. ( its affecting me because of my winter schedule at the moment 9-1 6-10 not easy hours. (In essence, Sleep deprivation is the simple lack of the required amount of sleep in order to function fully the following day.) This lack has to be caused by something, but what?

II. What aids in the accumulation of sleep deprivation? i think its because we live our lifestyles always in a rush, never making time for each other and we lose out on sleep of which whom i love so much. A. wouldnt you agree that sleeping is one the best feelings? lets see some of the issues that dont help us sleep are the following..... 1. Disrupting associations with the bed and bedroom, diet troubles, and mental state all affect our ability to sleep. a. Regular activities in the same room as you sleep in can disrupt and disturb sleeping patters such as working in the room,...
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